Excellent photos for floor sanding in Floor Sanding St Albans

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Outstanding pictures for floor sanding in Floor Sanding St Albans


You’ll want to hire experienced professionals from a reliable company who will do the job you want at a fair price. Here’s what we offer:

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Are Members Of The National Wood Flooring Association

Well-trained staff who can work on all kinds of floors

With at least seven years’ experience, all our staff are qualified members of the national trade association - the National Wood Floors Association (NWFA).

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Are Thankful For Trusting On Our Expert ServiceAs dedicated floor specialists, we offer far more than an add-on building service. We repair and renovate floors of all ages and types, replacing and matching old floorboards when necessary.  

And we believe in making sure all our customers get the best service. So man kinds of wooden floor have been laid over matching old floorboards can be a challenge. Not for us, with our close links to an extensive national network of reclaimed wood suppliers. So however uncommon the wooden boards you may need, we endeavour to track them down for a perfect match to your new floor. 

As for old concrete fire hearths, they’re no obstacle to a complete new floor. We can remove them and replace with new flooring. And at every stage, you can be assured that we use only the best quality and up-to-date stains, paints and sealants.

Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Floor Sanding St. Albans

A free inspection and assessment

Call on us for an assessment for your floors – with no obligation.

We will discuss all your needs, from repairs, colour stains and finishes – up to the kind of aftercare your new floor will need to keep it looking good.

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Have The Lowest Prices

Set prices so you know exactly what you are paying

We offer a set price for each task within floor restoration and sealing. You’ll know exactly what it will cost - as we devise the restoration programme to fit into your budget.

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Have The Latest Technology

Minimal mess and disruption

There’s no getting away from it: sanding is a dusty and noisy job. The traditional drum sanders generate dust that can linger for days. Whether your floors are at home or in your business premises, your family, staff and customers deserve to return to them without the threat of dust.  With Floor Sanding St Albans, we work with modern cylinder machines. They not only give a smoother and more even sand – but their attached collection bags minimise the spread of dust.  We further keep dust down by masking and frequent vacuuming.

With the latest in sanding technology from our Bona continuous belt sanders, you get no bumps or machine marks in the timber. We also use edging sanders and fine tools to get right into the corners for a thorough and even sand.

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Use The Best Practices For Surface Treatment

The complete service

And the service does not end once we clear up and leave you to enjoy your beautiful new floor. We are a mere phone call away with advice on maintenance and aftercare. Your floor will look beautiful for many generations to come.

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Floor Sanding & Finishing services by ( from) professionalists in Floor Sanding St Albans

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