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How st Albans floor sanding works

In Floor Sanding St. Albans The Biggest Experts Are Working With Us

When we arrive for your free assessment, we’ll have a full discussion about all your concerns. What look do you wish to create? How will the room ‘feel’? How much wear is it likely to have to bear from feet young and old?

And just as important is the degree of aftercare you are willing to devote to your floor. Do you want a modern finish that is hard wearing and requires little work? Or do you prefer a traditional wax or oil finish: natural and beautiful – but needing some regular reapplications to keep the floor in great condition?

We love wooden floors and believe they deserve to be treated with respect. So we only recommend the best materials for your part
icular needs. Today’s market has an often bewildering array of modern and traditional stains and sealants – from lacquer to wax. We keep fully up to date with all these products: we understand their different qualities and will recommend those which are ideal for your particular floors.

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Have The Best Services When we arrive

Each job will take at least a full day - multiple room or larger areas taking several days. During this period, the area to be sanded must be kept free of heavy traffic. We will give you a good idea of timings during your free consultation.
All furniture will have to be cleared for the area to be sanded. If you need help with moving furniture, we can do it for you. Please discuss this with us during our initial visit.

In Floor Sanding St. Albans We Have The Latest Technology‘I’d rather hire a machine and do it myself!’

With respect, we advise you to think twice. This is not a little DIY job for the enthusiastic amateur – no matter how good you are at jobs around the house. We hate being called upon by upset – and embarrassed customers – who have damaged their floors. They have hired an old,heavy cylinder machine from a hire shop –and plunged ahead with no training or awareness of the job. The dust alone will make you cough for your folly, let alone the marks on the floor.

Save yourself unnecessary extra expense by not taking the risk of ending up with a floor that needs remedial work. Also see if you can find anyone who would ever repeat their weekend sanding experience.

And remember that our professional expertise doesn’t stop at handling sanding machines. You will want to choose the right products - whether natural or synthetic - for your wooden floor. We know those which work best - and can give you the best advice.

Don’t take chances – call in the professionals

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